you and me both, buddy

Me: Peanut, please take off your clothes for bath.

M: Pea, it’s bath time. Please take off your clothes.

M: Peanut. You’re in the bathroom with your clothes on. What’s the deal? I’m asking you patiently. Please take off your clothes.
P: Mommy? You’re boring.
M: You mean it’s boring to hear the same words over and over.
P: Yup.
M: Well, gotta tell you, bud. It’s boring to say something over and over. Tell you what. You listen the first time, and I won’t have to say it again.
P: That’s still boring.
M: Well, you’ve got me there, buddy. Having rules and being clean and getting naked is boring.
P: No it’s not! Watch! Naked is fun.

6 thoughts on “you and me both, buddy

  1. First, you two are so well suited for each other. I love it! Second, you’re still able to give him a bath? I wasn’t even able to reach over my stomach and into the tub at that stage of my last pregnancy.

  2. I love how you and Peanut always have these rational talks.

    My house:

    Me: M, it’s bath time.
    M: I’m playing a game, Mommy.
    Me: I don’t care. It’s bath time. You can play the game after your bath.
    M: but I’m hunnnnnnnngry. (starts to whine and sniffle)
    Me: You just ate 20 minutes ago. GET IN THE BATH NOW!!!!!!!
    M: wails….

    Every day, same drama. No wonder I’m not sane.

  3. ck, giving him a bath just means filling the tub and coloring the water. He does all the washing and plays and torments me while I sit on the toilet and try to ignore him.
    Kitch, yours is the conversation Spouse has with him every night. Not sure why I get the sass and eventual compliance and Spouse gets the tears, except that’s their thing. I yell all day but get to spread it out, and Spouse crams all his day’s yelling into the hour that he’s home.

  4. Don’t you hate repeating yourself over and over and f-ing over? I get louder each time, until I get “Mommy, don’t shout; just calm down.” I was calm . . . the first three times.

  5. oh, fae, we had that tonight. Calm. Calm. Clear and calm. Threatening. Batshit insane. That is my progression, and every time he jumps out of his skin at insane, I want to throw him against the wall because, damnit, I told you nicely three times and warned you the fourth time. I thought the boring response was funny, but I usually get no response until the yelling. I’m sure there’s a book for that. Can’t wait for all the emails that tell me to get another freaking parenting book. How about trading in the kid?

  6. I’m with Peanut. Naked is fun. Hahahahaha. At the same time, it is good to know that I am not the only mom in the world on an endless repeat tape. Your little Peanut might just be a lawyer or something someday. He is quite the little conversation twister.

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