Valentine love

You know how sappy I am? Those to whom I send huge gobs of Valentine love this year are the select awesome and thoughtful people who sent my son a Valentine. He got five or six this year, and he’s over-the-moon thrilled. If they had *any* idea what getting a glittery card in the mail meant to him, I know they’d be pretty proud of how happy they made a wonderful little person.

What sweet, thoughtful people. Thanks, family and friends. It doesn’t take much, and you are so freaking cool to have thought of this.

Happy VD to all, and to all a good night.

10 thoughts on “Valentine love

  1. jc, you and I probably have the same binder full of scratch -n- sniff stickers. LOVE those.
    Kids these days are suckers for those musical, open-me-and-I-play-incessant-music cards. He got one of those, too, and will undoubtedly play it until the battery dies.
    Thank heaven for things with batteries that cannot be replaced.

  2. My boys LOVE when they receive snail mail – and Valentine’s Day was no exception. My family doesn’t know about *my* blog so I’ll just say a generic thank you here – to your family and friends – echoing your sentiment. It truly does mean so much.

  3. I got a “you are my sunshine” singing card. :)

    The next card improvement would be to make them singing, smelly, *and* edible chocolate (biodegradable, w00t!).

  4. Awwwwww! I am so with you on this one. Ever since my son was born, even his birthday is more exciting for me than my own. I enjoy him receiving cards and toys and happy wishes on holidays, valentine’s day, and birthdays maybe even more than he does. Speaking of which, I’m really hoping for a wooden marble run for my next birthday. Did I say MY next birthday? I meant my son’s birthday.

    See what I mean?

    • Jane, you’re welcome to regale or deride your family here anytime. ;-)
      Kitch, I’m guessing that falls in the category of Peanut’s first singing card, Gloria Estefan’s rhythm that gets you. Funny the first 20 times; torture the next 50. Funny again after that.
      jc, if they could make a singing chocolate card that smells like grape one day and root beer the next, I would buy every single one issued.
      organic, I totally want the same marble run. After the little one gets past choking phase. Until then P’s next birthday list involves only museum memberships…I mean *my* list. ;-)

  5. Eldest was also thrilled at his Valentines. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that childlike wonder again? The thrills! The chills! (Ah, who am I kidding? I’d much rather be 33. Still, it’s so sweet to see that excitement — especially from the angle of motherhood.)

  6. My boys were super excited about getting V-day cards. It makes me think we should send them cards more often. Everyone loves getting mail, unless it’s bill week. I hate bill week.

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