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Since when did people wanted by the law get to decide whether and how to turn themselves in? Arrest Jackson’s doctor, don’t negotiate with him. You’re wasting space on the news ticker. [okay, that was a few days ago, but I’ve been busy.]

I think the neighbor dog who barks every single day from 3pm to 6pm is an animatronic robodog akin to Weeds‘ Bubbie Botwin’s doorbell. It was barking today, outside, in the same rhythm as every other day despite rather heavy rain. And if it’s fake, I’m even more pissed that it barks every day from 3 to 6.

A CNN contributor has solved the budget crisis in three easy steps. I’d vote for all of the ideas, but I’m probably the only one.

I have to decide pretty soon whether to finish the journal article or the massive reorganization of the novel because I have about a month left of coherent thought and must use my remaining sleep-succored moments wisely. [Also out-dated. I chose the novel. It went way faster than I thought and now I have time to do the article, too. Damnit.]

The fact that tobacco companies are now making nicotine candy with tobacco that dissolves quickly would be freaking awesome if it weren’t so maniacally, diabolically, disgustingly, stupidly wrong.

After two three weeks of rain I’ve decided I can’t live in the Pacific Northwest.

Candyland is not as bad as I thought. Because it involves sitting still. I’m a new fan of sitting still.

Cats are less work than dogs but considerably more work than I want to do.

I can’t handle the lists of foods to avoid and alleged foods to call out as phonies and companies to boycott and chemicals to beware. I’m near fetal already, consumer-position-wise, and I don’t have the energy anymore.

Doesn’t help that these things that seem like good deals are really, really awful. Note that NUMBER ONE is undervalued work done by women in creating the next generation of citizens. take it seriously, because they will vote on what we teach them.

There are only so many random thoughts one can string together before either boring the reader or oneself.

Consider us in that boat together.

7 thoughts on “random thoughts

  1. lol Daryl. You’re not the first to warn me, but I will definitely use all the capital G Good in my power to ensure that game does not enter my house.
    Jen, I knew that one, but it turns out there are very few BPA-free boxes, as well, so unless I can find them in cans I’m stuck with homemade pesto until summer.
    Sitting still is suddenly loverly. Quiet might be, too, but I wouldn’t know.

  2. Hey, Kitch, he has a new Connect Four from his grandparents, and we spend quite a bit of time playing modified “whatever he says goes” rules where we make pictures with the pieces. Again with the sitting still and not thinking and not having to correct out of control behavior. Dreamy.

  3. Ok, who over 22 eats candy on a regular basis? Seriously. Other than mints, adults don’t eat candy; hence, the tabacco companies are still evil.

    I’m not giving up my popcorn. There’s only been one human case of the popcorn cancer/sickness and he ate a bag every day for decades.

    I can’t afford moving to all organic food.

    Really, being a concerned, well-informed individual is hard. It hurts my head. At least I can still play Candyland. How many pieces have you lost? We’re down to three gingerbread men.

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