What in the heck…

A quiet and lovely Sunday. Peanut behaving as though he’s a human again—some joy, some frustration, lots of questions, generous helping of silliness, and fundamental lack of adult logic—which is a lovely change from last week.

Went bowling early, for the local lanes are a-hopping Sunday morning when games are half price. Peanut decided that, between the light balls for kids, gutter bumpers to ensure he scores higher than his mama, and arcade games complete with tickets he can trade for prizes, the bowling alley must be the site of his birthday party. Sold. They handle the whole thing, including pizza, and all we need to provide is cake and ice cream. Even 39 weeks pregnant (or not, as time will tell), I can handle that.

Grandma’s 94th birthday today, too. It’s really, really tough to get old, but she sure does it with style and grace and a cheerfulness that belies how long her days and nights often are. Glad we’re back home where I can see her and be with her more often. Ditto the rest of the family.


Restful, food-filled, cake-highlighted, bowling-accented Sunday. Good times.

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11 thoughts on “What in the heck…

  1. Can our kids be any more alike? My daughter also requested a bowling birthday party this year. She was granted, as well, since she’s now of “drop-off” age and I don’t want that many kids in my house.

  2. Your son is a rock star bowler. The photo is adorable! I’m glad this week is going better for you already. BTW, I have no idea why I thought your son was the same age as mine. Must be the mommy brain decomposing and turning to sludge. Anyhow, have an awesome bowling party. My boys are both bowling freaks. And my hubby even has his own bowling shoes, which I love to use as fodder for jokes at his expense.

  3. AWESOME picture of Peanut! Go, buddy! (Love the indoor hat, too.)

    Youngest would be so jealous…he has been fixated on going “real bowling” since we dropped off his older brother at a bowling party and he didn’t get to go. ;)

  4. I’m so glad that Hell Week is over for you! Way to make it through.

    I had a bowling birthday party when I turned eight; it was amazing! They even let me keep one of the pins. However, when I had to bowl at a place without bumpers for the first time I thought the universe was playing a cruel joke on me.

  5. Adorable picture! Sweet party idea! I bet my boys would love bowling, if I could get by all my childhood bowling issues. But, Mom, I don’t want to go ag- Excuse me; I have to call my therapist.

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