Month late and $23 short

Decided upon my resolutions for this year…other than joining the 2666 group read.

I’m gonna make my own pasta and bread. Starting now. Peanut and I are measuring the insanely simple ingredients for egg noodles. We already make our own pesto, so tonight is fettucine and pesto all from scratch.

Sourdough starter is fermenting and bacteria-ifying right now for a project later this week.

And any one of you who suggests I get back to my other to-do lists, or who suggests that a few weeks before a new baby is not the time for labor-intensive resolutions can suck it.

*You* can be in charge of telling the Democrats to pull out the old reels of Republicans insisting that the fillibuster is un-American and every policy should get an up or down vote. And I will proof and roll out dough and bake.

Feels more promising of results, somehow, than getting the Democrats to grow a pair and move left instead of rending garments and weeping.

8 thoughts on “Month late and $23 short

  1. mmmm homemade bread. I make no- knead bread but haven’t tried my hand at the real deal yet. I think it is a great resolution.

  2. HA! You might need to fork that bread maker over to Congress so they can learn to make SOMETHING, ANYTHING!!! other than lining for their pockets.

  3. Wow. You sound kind of like a pioneer woman: “Ain’t no babe gonna stop me from baking my bread…” And I mean that as a compliment. Ma Ingalls rocked…

  4. Or you could be nesting. With Evan I made chex mix and muddie buddies over and over for the last two months. I think your baking is much healthier and saner. So if the breads are turning out well, will you give me pointers?

  5. You know, I never thought it would make a smidgen of difference, but homemade pasta is SO much better than the dried stuff. I’ve only made it a couple of times, but it is delicious. You know… I bet that my kiddo would love to help me make ravioli. Maybe I should get some yummy filler stuff. (The success of making ravioli with the kiddo would depend on whether or not I really cared about eating it, I think. Low expectations are best when doing something like this for the first time with MY kid…)

    As for politics… the more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s frustrating.

  6. I love your take charge attitude – controlling what you can! You go, Mom! (And may I say, what a wonderful – and delicious – bonding activitiy with Peanut. I did the same with my middle son and it continues to be our favorite activity together.)

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