Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde

Today’s installment of awesome mom/terrible mom:

Peanut: Mommy, get this damned thing out of my way!
Me: Well, you put that damned thing there, so you move it out of your own damned way.
P: Oh. Yeah. [moves the damned thing and goes about his business.]

My New Year’s resolutions were going to be to let him handle more himself and to swear more. Looks like I have both covered.

9 thoughts on “Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde

  1. “more parentally” LOL. You’re not even close to being “terrible mom.”

    Swearing is an under-rated stress reliever. It keeps me from punching out walls on a regular basis, and I heart the sound of my own voice saying FUCK gratuitously. A good rant cracks my ass up and clears out my head simultaneously.

  2. oh, I’m clearly with you, jc. I find swearing an important part of language and actually quite mock those who feel words are so important that a few are off limits. We have never let loose that particular cathartic-phoenetic cluster you mentioned because there are some things I don’t want to hear out of my kid. I agree, though, that a labiodental fricative/velar stop taboo is the best stress release there is.
    fae, he knows there are some places you can damnit and some you can’t. When I first told him that, he called each of his relatives and asked if they had a house where damnit is okay. I was surprised at the number of yeses. If school is a damnit-free zone, he will learn that soon enough, but it’s their rule, not mine, so I’m not enforcing it for them.

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