You’re right. 2000s were worthless.

Op-ed piece crossed my ‘pooter just as I was thinking this, too…what a crappy decade.

[My semi-unrelated two cents? Please, in this week’s retrospectives, let’s all try to behave responsibly toward apostrophes in decade references. They were the 2000s. Or the ’00s. This is 2009’s final hour. For advanced punctuators, the ’00s’ last hurrah. No apostrophe for plurals, yes apostrophes for possessive. Please.]

10 thoughts on “You’re right. 2000s were worthless.

    • lol, fae. I’m clearly the most upbeat and optimistic amongst my peer group. And the most fun at parties.
      Welcome, Ink. Nobody will heed the rules, but I had to get out in front of the apostrotastrophes.
      jc, I hear ya on the see ya. And I love coffee ice cream beyond my social need to pretend breakfast is healthy, too. Have a mugful for me.
      Ah, Kitch. remember how bad your 20s were, and how you were shocked to look forward to your 30s? Well, they happened in a crappy decade. It’d be like being in your 30s in the ’70s (that gratuitous punctuation brought to you by Inktopia). So now 40s are looking good. If they suck, too, you can look forward to being 50 when the oceans crest all major metropolises, worldwide drought prevails, four people have all the wealth, and women no longer have the right to anything…health care, voting, or property rights. See? 40s are looking really good. You’re welcome. ;-)

  1. I’m eating a bowl of coffee ice cream for breakfast because I’m too damn lazy to make a pot. I’m sending this decade out with a GET LOST YA BUM!

  2. I heart your correct apostrophe use. Most non-ivory-tower-dwellers, however, might just resort to the far less intellectually taxing “this [past]decade”.

    I was so enjoying bringing back the “ought”, like “in ought-nine, we sunk deeper into The Second Great Depression.” Sigh.

    • Oh, evenshine, I’d take “this past decade” gladly because it doesn’t misuse one of my favorite punctuation marks. (Apostrophes are a pet project for their bastardization, but I have a mad crush on the semicolon and anyone who uses it properly and sparingly.)
      I do enjoy the aughts/oughts/naughts/noughts debate and rather grimmaced at attempts to cutesy it up to Naughties. Please. The year Americans would actually willingly embrace anything bolder than straight-laced Naughts marks the era of the nonhysterical wardrobe malfunction.
      BloginSong, you lost me at babysitters, plural. I’m so writhing in jealousy that you have people (plural) with whom you can leave your children makes me want to hand over my whole stash and ask for their phone numbers. Have fun fonduing.

  3. Nap,

    I am definitely looking forward to this decade. You are going to take out your glue gun and BeDazzle the shit outta my wheelchair, right?

    And Ink gets to push it.

    And lovely BloginSong gets to sing to me while I do wheelies in the aisles.

    I love you, fierce chick.

    • Witchy, I would not only BeDazzle your new ride, I will glitterpaint sassy bumper stickers for ya so you can switch out sparkle for badass graffiti as your mood dictates.
      And I’ll dice all your veggies for you to save you time on your awesome venture into Meatless Mondays.

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