Massive computer fail

Netbook and laptop both took a huge dive. After several days during which any click of the mouse takes, no joke, 8 minutes to register I think I’ve figured out that Microsoft auto-updated my Windows XP to a new and Internet-outraging service pack. Or some other geek talk I don’t get. Neither computer can perform basic functions and I’m left hanging for days after asking for a virus scan or a return to backup.

What I do understand is that both my computers are useless and I’m a mess. Can’t pay bills, can’t check our plane reservations, can’t send email, can’t handle the huge address book that has all the info for our holiday cards.

I need Kipper. Any chance he and Jake could come over and fix both computers, since it seems I have to download and reinstall something onto computer that is completely unable to even copy or delete a file?

Microsoft, if this is your fault, I’m totally and completely going Linux on my PCs and am using my Mac for EVERYTHING from now on. Jerks. Losers. Monolithic asswipe computer ruiners. (I usually reserve my “The Man is bringing me down” category for politics, but Microsoft is *The Man* and The Man is so thoroughly bringing me down, man.)

I’ll be back when I can actually access the Internet.

8 thoughts on “Massive computer fail

  1. I got your fucking number RIGHT HERE Witch! Don’t make me use it. Your liver might kick my liver’s lobe, but my lungs are packed with whallop.

    I have no idea who Kipper is, but I’d like a Kipper for xmas.

  2. Ah, Kitch, jc got here before I did! Ah well, you’ll be fine.
    fae, if only I believed in magic. Curse my logical streak.
    Ink, why couldn’t this have happened to your department vice dork?
    Norm, if I weren’t laughing so hard I’d take a swipe at you and tell you there’s no way those poor little waif computers could handle Windows 7 in their current state. Maybe after I *wipe them clean and start from scratch* as tech support suggested I do…
    jc, Kipper is a way-mellow British dog who laughs off the toughest obstacles and meanders happily through his day helping others and finding the bright side of all bullshit. If he were real, I’d send you one for Christmas.

  3. Well, that’s your problem. Computers are not logical. Sure they’re “supposed” to be programmed and all logical. But that’s where they get you. All technology is magic.

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