Quick 2009 primer


Top 10 Stories You Missed in 2009 this year, as rated by Foreign Policy. Seriously, read it.  It’s relatively short and absolutely worth your time.

A rare even-handed look at the conundrum in Afghanistan.

And, finally, a look at how pink ribbons have completely dumbed down our knowledge of women’s health issues in an article by Barbara Ehrenreich.  Politicians and corporations are still railroading science in this country, alas.

7 thoughts on “Quick 2009 primer

  1. I’m going to have to bookmark this and get you later. I think I’m all out of thinking-energy after reading the last article I read you posted.

  2. How do find this stuff? And more importantly, when do you find the time to find this stuff?
    Thanks for the reads. Of course, I feel less hopeful and more sick about the future.

  3. fae, it’s rare that I have time to find stuff, but when i do, it snowballs.
    Dan, you and Elizabeth are single-handedly responsible for most of my energy to search.
    Kitch, it’s my job. ;-) Plus, I can only whine about my life so much knowing what little I do about the rest of the world.

  4. Pinkification marketing reinforces “women’s issues” being separate from HUMAN issues. Breast cancer is NOT KYOOT or GURLY. Slap a ribbon on a steaming pile of shit and it’s still a pile of shit. The mere fact that pink crap is supposed to drum up support for women makes it obvious that there’s no need to drum up support for men’s medical issues because MEN are the default main moneydish for funding and treatment. Stupak is proof that women are second class citizens.

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