Super Happy Halloween

P: Happy Halloween!
Stranger with candy: Oh, what a great costume. Choose a piece of candy.
P: Can I have two?
Swc: Sure!
M: [silently] damn you, neighbor!
P: Thanks! Happy Halloween!
Swc: Bye.
P: Hope you have fun. Bye. I love you!

Just about died with joy at every single house. Cutest of all cute peas, he wanted to go up to the house by himself. He pushed the button, knocked twice, and stepped back, like each door were an elevator. He only told two people he loved them, because that last line is what he says to Dad every morning when he leaves and to anyone who calls and wants to talk to him on the phone.

So it was an awesome night. Much fun. One boy in spider jammies, vampire vest, mardi gras necklace, stuffed ghost tucked into vest, cowboy hat, and construction goggles.

Small beef: Neighbors, please, could *one* of you give out toys or play-dough or crayons or something instead of candy. Come on. One house with a dentist and toothbrush, maybe? One spider ring or yo-yo or plastic skeleton? Please?

Cowboy spider vampire necklace extravaganza

9 thoughts on “Super Happy Halloween

  1. I love it that he said “I love you” to a couple of people. Awwwww.

    We have a dentist in our neighborhood, so we got the toothbrush. We also got stickers and play-doh and crayons and tattoos…but still we had WAY too much candy…

  2. You don’t even know how cute it was from the front, with the goggles. jc, there are usually wings that he adds to everything, and an apron, but he wanted to travel light. For speed, I presume.

  3. We gave out sugar-free gum, and the Better Half has not stopped mocking me for it since I got back from the grocery store with it.

    “I’m a pediatrician,” I protest, but he persists in his jeering.

    • Dan, I’m with Better Half. Your child is *clearly* not trick or treating yet. The rule is: something parents like so we can steal it in the middle of the night OR something kids like that is non-caloric. Nobody but college girls like sugar-free gum.
      Good luck tomorrow. I’m crossing my sugar-free gum for you (because what the hell else would I do with it?)

  4. Oh, come on. Like you’d be raiding Peanut’s bag for a toothbrush. Pshaw, I say!

    Besides, I like sugar-free gum, and was very happy to take our (few) remaining packs. After cup of coffee #3, my patients appreciate the courtesy.

    And thanks for the good wishes re: our election. I am mildly nauseated.

    • Oh, you have no idea how we love our toothbrushes, Dan. Child of a dentist here, and honestly look forward to changing them every 4 months instead of 6 because it’s just that much fun.
      Sure, sure, you can claim you like sugar free gum. I have no doubt the patients appreciate your minty fresh breath. I now see your strategy. You wanted something *you* would like. Okay. Now it’s less…um…boy there is no synonym for lame, is there? I have to go check election returns. While eating our leftover peanut butter cups and organic lollies.

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