Happy Halloween

P: [standing in doorway with blank look]
M: What do you say?
P: [whispers] Happy Halloween
M: [loudly, beaming] Yes, Happy Halloween.
P: [now ready for a full discussion with candy-wielding stranger] And Happy Mommy and Daddy Home Day. And Grandma’s coming, too.
Candy Stranger: Here you go. Happy Halloween.
P: Thank you.
M: Great job, bug.
P: Why they no say you welcome? Are they not nice?


Happy Candy Day, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Ink, Peanut totally rules. I often complain that I loathe parenting him, but I *love* watching him. He was hilarious yesterday. He got more candy than a high schooler because he just RAN between houses, on a mission, and performed his polite duties and charged onto the next offering.
    Kitch, P often yells at us if we don’t sy you’re welcome. By the book, that kid. He will be sugared up for ev er. We’re limiting how much per day, but I swear he’ll still have some left by Christmas even having candy for breakfast every morning. (Yeah, you heard me. I see no reason candy should be after meals or at a certain time of day. I also have no problem with morning drinking. Go figure.)

  2. Peanut is adorable! Sean was saying “you’re welcome” to the “thank you’s” at our door.
    Don’t worry, in a week or two, Peanut will forget about the candy and you can dump it. Just place it in an ordinary bowl out of sight, bringing the candy out only when you choose.

    • (laughing at the thought that anyone in my family would *ever* forget food, esp. candy.) Fae, he remembers which pieces he ate LAST YEAR and in which order. He’s a sugar-deprived kid and he savors every breath near candy, let alone taste of candy. We once got a box of Panda licorice, and he ate his two pieces every day without even seeing the box, and made sure he reminded me at the store before we ran out. He had two pieces a day for seven months, no exaggeration. October 2007 through April 2008. Ask Spouse. So I really doubt it, but I’ll try.

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