This just in.

Newsflash: most people are idiots.

I’m not just noticing. But most people seem not to know and I feel it is a grave public injustice that the majority of humans do not understand that the majority of humans are severely lacking in the mental capacity department. So I’m telling you on this massive soap box that gets a whopping 200 hits a day. I guess that means 6 billion minus about 200 are idiots. Minus at least another 200 who haven’t found this blog yet.

And since everything on the Internet is true and citable in your poorly written college papers, have at it. 5,000,000,600 people in the world are idiots.

You do know you have to pay me if you quote me, right?

12 thoughts on “This just in.

  1. Ah, for you, ck, my b.s. is a gift that keeps on giving. No payment necessary unless you write a crappy college paper (not possible for you) and cite any part of this post in your bibliography. Or plagiarize it. That’s apparently how this morally depraved generation of dolts rolls. But they still have to pay me.

  2. Now that is just plain awesome. Another reason I love you so. Can’t wait to catch someone using that statistic in the near future.

    • Ink, you know they will.
      Josie, when you say oasis, do you mean candy corn? Things are lovely under the hood. The barfing is back today, but meh. I got in a good week. I’ll take 5% puke free. And please don’t say work team or I’ll yak.
      Dan, I am a covered entity and all those idiots signed wavers so fire away with your stories.
      KW, WORD.
      Gibby, sure, especially because they’re just another family of idiots, surrounded by idiots. And their ploy will probably work because the entertainment industry is full of idiots whose products are watched by slack-jawed idiots.

  3. Now I have been saying this for a very long time.

    The vast majority of people ARE idiots. It’s why I’d struggle to do a desk job or work in a ‘team’ or actually be made to speak to pretty much anyone at all.

    Thank god for tiny little oases of common sense and perspective and excellent statistics in a world full of meaningless crap (in the blogging world in particular…)

    Hope all is well – haven’t popped over for a while. How is the hurl-a-thon? Hope all is good under the hood xx

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