The art of Kim Cogan

Went to the opening at the Hespe Gallery tonight.

Wanna see something cool? Here’s the man himself in action.

Having a three year old at a gallery was stressful. But he was pretty dang awesome. And his friend, also three, was there. And his new friend, one, was there, too. And a few other people brought their kids, about which the gallery owner was beyond fabulous and sweet. So the only one mocked—universally—was the lady with the freaking dog. At a gallery. Hanging out near the snacks table, where the dog ate all the stuff off the floor. Even my kid wasn’t that bad.

And I’ll tell you, the overwhelming lovin’ that people on BART showed my sweet and well behaved kid allowed me to step outside my constant frustration and battle with him to just appreciate him. thoughtful, silly, smart, and adorable. Freaking adorable.

Great night. Thanks, Kim.

My favorite, if forced to choose, btw…

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