SF plans this month

Kim Cogan opens a new solo show at the Hespe in Union Square. Come on out because his work is absolutely breathtaking. Opening Sept. 10. Check Kim’s blog or the Hespe’s site for more info. (He has a show in New York while I’m there in November, so I hope to see him at Gallery Henoch, too.)

Infinite Summer ends and Booksmith holds a party. Sept. 28. Hope Spouse gets home in time to do bath and bed so I can clear out my tape flags in time to have a normal-looking copy.

And some time this month we’ll stay closer to home and hit Berkeley Rep’s American Idiot musical. Hope grandma can babysit.

I know it’s a lot to ask. Three outings in one month. Only one appropriate for Peanut. But come on. This is the reason we moved back!

5 thoughts on “SF plans this month

  1. I think you should leave the tape flags in! That’s such a lovely and unique reading pattern indicator. :)

    Hope you get to attend all three. They sound fun.

    Still a little teary at the picture evidence cuteness from your last post. ((((((Nap))))))

  2. Hey, Ink! Thanks. I’m kind of blown away, too. I’ve only ever seen inscrutable pictures at that age.

    there’s no way I’m taking out the flags, because they’re from my first read 12 years ago and I have NO idea what system I used back then. Don’t know why the flags are there, and forgot to pay attention to them this read. this read, unfortunately, started penless, so all the corners are folded down. I finally picked up a pencil at page 700, but it’s a bit late.

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