My first and last poem

And then your lids flutter
and sighs betray you.
Cells decompress and
the world levitates off my sternum
where it resides every moment that you’re awake.
No more fire-cured creations will shatter;
no shrieks at passersby,
No more protecting society from all you would unleash
nor you from all its ills.
As long as those lids press and
breath comes softly
I am at peace.
I should kiss your brow
but I stick out my tongue and
scowl at you.
I’ve stifled it all day
and now is the time to
catch up.

5 thoughts on “My first and last poem

  1. I thought of all the things that don’t happen when he’s sleeping. Nothing breaks, no screaming, no whining, nobody asking questions I not only can’t but don’t want to answer…and no angry mama. i love naptime.

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