Wanna add two hours to your day?

Hey. I found a way to add two hours to my day. I don’t blog, I don’t read, I don’t clean, I ignore my kid as much as possible, and I don’t work on either my novel or client work.

Voila. Two hours to loll about and stare at the ceiling, asking it what I ever did to deserve so much energy.

6 thoughts on “Wanna add two hours to your day?

  1. Aha! I’m pretty good at ignoring all of these things, and yet I could still use a few hours. What am I doing wrong? I miss my ceiling.

  2. Seriously, the crap I could get done if I didn’t blog. So I gave up cleaning.

    But I might try the couch thing. Most likely next Thursday, when school starts. Book it!

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