What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks?

I don’t understand it. I’ve been missing dozens of things lately, and I got them ALL today.

My dream day involves sleeping late, reading a book, practicing yoga, having a fabulous home cooked breakfast, going for a walk on a glorious day in the greater S.F. Bay Area, talking with friendly humans (young and old), eating a fabulous home cooked lunch, more reading, napping, more reading, another venture out of doors, a delightful dinner prepared by someone else, and a chance to put my feet up and write.

I got every single one of those things. No sitter, no bribes, no compromising major philosophies, no yelling, no wanting to knock myself into a coma just to get a break.

Plus, I got the part I never, never fantasized about but will now, every time: awaking from a nap with a small, perfect creature next to me, who then, upon waking and seeing me reading, thinks books are a good idea and (get this) reads to himself while I finish a chapter in my own enjoyable book.

Are you serious? Infinite summer, indeed.

*Oh, yeah, it was hotter than crap today and I felt sick most of the day and I feel badly that I didn’t clean or make the world a better place, but you wouldn’t know it from my already rosy memory of the day.

6 thoughts on “What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks?

  1. If I didn’t think you were so fantastic and worthy of such a dream scenario, I might just be jealous…

  2. Just like my favorite children’s book, Frederick, you need to keep that day tucked close to your heart and fresh in your mind. Then you can remember it when things are cold and shitty and you want to open the oven and pull a Plath.

    How awesome that you had a day like that!

  3. Ok, Kitch, you have the quote of the day with “open the oven and pull a Plath.”
    Oh, believe me, ladies it will be the happy place I go whenever I close my eyes and take those deep, please-don’t-let-me-kill-my-child breaths.

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