What in tarnation?

Why does it cost me $10 to get wifi at the airport? Shame on you, SFO. Hell, the rest areas in Iowa have free wifi.

Why do small people smell a crisis and grow impatient with the world just because you are?

Why does it take ATT three days to believe me that our DSL is down. “Says here you shouldn’t have any green lights. Why do you have three green lights? Maybe you need to buy a new modem.” Did that. Changed all the cords and the modem and the problem is clearly yours. “Oh. We’ll be out next week.”

Why does the company who put in the windows (thank you…just in time for summer, we can actually open our windows now) leave little shards of glass EVERYWHERE? In the toy box, in the dishes, one every floor, in the cat box, in the beds. Why did you say “move the furniture three feet away from the windows” when you meant twelve feet? Why did you not just tell us to move out? And landlord? Why did you not do this last month, before we moved in? Good damned thing I wanted windows that open…

Jerks on the red-eye across this great country: why did you all bring your kids? And why did you all buy up the upgrades before I decided it might be worth it to pay my life’s savings to get out of coach on a red-eye? Let me guess. You’re gonna keep me up all night, with your kids and your “WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY A MEAL?” nonsense.

Sigh. I’m gonna miss Peanut and Spouse. I’m gonna have a blast. And goddess help me, I’m really nervous about making it home in one piece, so help me out on that one.

4 thoughts on “What in tarnation?

  1. I don’t know what kind of adventure you’re on, but I hope it’s fun and wonderful and rejuvenating!

  2. +1 Iowa FTW!

    I’m down with you on the whole ATT DSL. Seriously, I spent years in college so that I could tell them, without a doubt, that something is fizzucked at their end, but they want me to restart my computer and DSL modem. Like I didn’t try that? Goobers.

    The up side is that it likely means they’re doing upgrades in your area. I had about 4 days with up/down DSL. Suddenly I have 3G on my iPhone. Small price to pay, but unfortunately they’re not cool enough to actually tell me that. I have to go be the creepy guy who goes and talks to the techs at the DSLAM (the beige boxes)…

    I suspect you’re going through what we are, which is the looming fiber upgrades. The upshot is faster net for less $$. I’ll take some flaky Internets for that.

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