Hey, now that Peanut is three and I’m becoming human again and reading again and plotting my return to academia again and writing hardcore again, I’m going to do a better job of updating my “reading” page. Please do, as always, send suggestions. My “to read” pile is always hovering at around 20 books, but now that NK has me hooked on the slate.com podcasts, that number is escalating.

If you come across something awesome and want to suggest it, please do.

7 thoughts on “Updates

  1. “plotting my return to academia again and writing hardcore again”

    Yay! I’m doing herkies and cartwheels right now! Go, Nap!

    • @ Ink no, I really wouldn’t. I’m sure you herky with the best of them, but it’s not worth my oprah money.
      @ Norm not enabler in the pop psych way, but enabler in the “enabling me to live my best life through technology and escapist elite intellectual snobbery” way. Is that good?

  2. “The Mask of Motherhood” by Susan Maushart is amazing. Sounds as gratifying as “Flux”.
    “The Mother Dance” by Harriet Lerner is superb as well.
    Love your blog…very validating and you write with such grace.

    • @ Elizabeth I think Mask of Motherhood is head and shoulders above Flux for the purposes of the ambivalence debate, in part because I like the academic style better than the observational style, but because Maushart writes just about pretending as it relates to motherhood. Orenstein writes about bigger picture life choices, and tries hard to make it seem like they’re all okay. And Orenstein doesn’t have children. That is neither plus nor minus, except when writing about motherhood.
      Thanks for the compliment. And I’ll get The Mother Dance to put on my stack ;-) I think Perfect Madness is first, though. It came highly recommended, too, so I’ll let you know.

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