5 thoughts on “Want to kill your blog?

  1. No! I loved your poem! I just ran my mouth on about it on Facebook and figured you were tired of me. And I would have commented on the Twitter post if I knew what the f*ck it was! I do not understand Twitter, Sam I Am.

  2. I also loved the poem. When I first read this post I was a little insecure (and, apparently, totally self-absorbed) thinking you were writing about my blog.

    Also, the twitters are great. Love the Peanut quotes.

  3. Oh, dj, your poems have been quite interesting. I was not aiming this blog-killer post at you. I totally stole the idea of paying attention to poetry from you and Inktopia. Then people stopped reading and commenting. So I blame the poetry.
    Mostly because I’ve never liked the stuff. You regulars know. Condensed is not my style.

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