WordPress? your twitter widget sucks.

look over there ============>

See the Twitter update that says Twitter is not responding? Bull puckey. Twitter is fine. WordPress sucks eggs. (At least 75% of the time, which is how often that Twitter widget f—ing malfunctions.)

That’s right.  I said it.  You suck eggs. Come and get me. Before Easter, when all the eggs will be symbolic little Jesuses hidden in people’s lawns.

You can’t do anything to me that the brain suckers haven’t already tried.

6 thoughts on “WordPress? your twitter widget sucks.

  1. woah. nappy, I thoughts someone replaced your blog with a different one. but you just changed the look. i like that you occasionally do this. fuck branding. fuck ’em all. bring on the templates! i like!

  2. Hey, J dude! Yeah, me likey rearranging the furniture. Lack of control in all other things, you know!

    We was on those train tracks this weekend, so methoughts it was all in the moment and whatnot. But while the boys took the train I snuck back to the car to listen to “wait wait don’t tell me.” It was sweet.

  3. Considering how much I have been blathering on in twitter, I assumed twitter was just protecting the world at large by not sharing my ramblings with wordpress.

    Stupid wordpress. Naptimewriting’s gonna getcha…

  4. Hey, faemom, you think Twitter’s overrated, eh? I think it’s the sign of the fall of our society and the apocalypse. And that it’s creepy and voyeuristic and vapid and egomaniacal and a collossal waste of time. And overrated.
    But so is blogging…Twitter is just like blog soundbites…capturing very little of the original thought, meaning, work and squirting it out into little tasteless morsels.

  5. How did you get your twitter feed to look so clean in wordpress.com? My blog’s feed is all jumbled together…the tweets aren’t separated into different lines, just continuous text.

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