Confounding politics

Just when you think you’ve got a few things figured out, the presidential race gets weird:

McCain says that “In the Twenty-First Century, nations don’t invade other nations.” Great point. Quick: someone tell the Iraqis. They might have running water and electricity again soon, and all their dead civilians (except the ones Saddam Hussein murdered) will be coming back to life any day now.

Maybe he meant nations shouldn’t invade other nations to squelch democracy. But they still really ought to consider invading to force democracy down a nation’s throat. That’s a great political platform. Someone should tell the right about it.

Deployed troops overwhelmingly support Obama, if sending cold, hard cash counts for anything. Maybe they’re sick of cramming democracy into the unwilling and incapable. Or they’re hoping we don’t have to go to war with the rest of the world in the first few months of another hawkish administration.

Interesting breakdown of electoral college math by Karl Rove at Would love to not hear about Florida this year…

Okay. Enough politics. We now return you to your regularly scheduled mid-life parenting meltdown.