Pouring your heart out through nasal passages

I had a really clever post lined up at dinnertime, but once toy cleanup and bath and jammies and teeth and light show and stories and songs and all that jazz wound up I drew a blank.

And in my mentally weakened state, I’m pondering this deep bit of uselessness:   can we compost snot?

If you toss used tissues, they end up in a landfill. Bad. If you flush used tissues it uses valuable water and expensive waste treatment. Bad. If you flush used tissues only when there is other, less savory solid matter in the toilet, too, the sewage treatment involves straining out the wood pulp and the mucus and the white blood cells and the microbes to make pure biosolids, which are composted.

So if the water treament facility composts my kid’s snot, can’t I?

And there you are, ladies and gentlemen. No bottom to the housing market, but the bottom of my intellectual development. The lowest I’ve sunk in my brain dead tenure as a stay-at-home idiot. I could have been a contender. I had game in all twenty of my previous careers. I was a fundamentally bright person.

Now I’m contemplating disposal methods for green Kleenex. Summa cum laude.