Matt’s right.

Because my last post urged every eligible American to vote, and because a dear and wise commenter reminded me that there is a desperate need for educated voters, not just people who punch out all the chads on one side or the other, I offer this:

A quiz that lets you express your opinion on an issue and rate its importance to you. Then the software tells you which candidate most closely aligns with your opinions.

For undecided voters, for those voting based simply on party affiliation, and for those who default to recommendations from someone else, this is a great tool for finding out whom you really should elect.

Check it out. (There are more quizzes like it out there. If you prefer another one, let me know in the comments. There’s a righteously simple one here.)

Instead of being daunted by all the information out there, or letting one of the candidates tell you what to belief, rate your own issues and beliefs. And let the computer tell you which guy is closer to what you want.