Supreme Leader of Himself

Butter has an announcement he’s been pushing through various media sources.

I am not his grownup.

This is generally only an issue he presses when I want to tell him something, ask him something, or remind him of something.

Me: Butterbean, what do you want for breakfast?
B: Mommy! You not my growmup!

Me: Butter, please hold hands.
B: Mommy! You not my growmup!

Me: Butter, time for bath.
B: Mommy, you ‘toopid. You not my growmup!

(I have not mentioned to him yet that it sounds as though he thinks that grownups are secretly one part adult and one part muppet. Because then I’d have to introduce muppets.)

I asked him who is, in fact, his growmup.

“Nothing. No whobody.”


I will keep you apprised of his ongoing campaign for independence and emancipation, scheduled to run from now until about the time he’s 22 and graduating with a dual degree in Theater and Public Policy.