No offense

I’m sure the families of Kate and Wills are very happy.

I have no doubt the monarchy deems the Royal Wedding the most important story of the day.

And I hope they’ll be very happy together, ad infinitum.

But I have to be honest: I can’t relate.

I can’t imagine being, upon my marriage, deemed an Objet d’Empire. I can’t fathom being deemed important only as a potential babymaker. I can’t empathize with the fascination with the press of every thing I wear, every pound I gain, and every inch I bulge in any direction. Poor creature. I’m sure she can handle herself, as evidenced by her removal of the “obey” clause of her vows. But the cynic in me sees an electric fence around the fairy tale in today’s setup.

Also? We (almost) all know that a wedding is not the point. The marriage is the 70-ish-year reality that begins the next morning. The day to day, logistical, work balance, irritating habits stuff that makes the rest of your lives is a marriage. Not the dress or the aisle or the attendants.

And you know what I thought today as I went about the mundane, exhausting, neverending b.s. of my day? Kate and Wills don’t have to clean a cat box. They don’t empty the trash or clean the shower or mop the floors. And when they don’t do those lame bits of adulthood…the boring and nasty and irritating stuff still gets done. It doesn’t fester. It simply *happens*. Without, maybe, their noticing. Certainly without their bickering about it.

So their future….not on the same planet as mine.
Their daily reality….not on the same planet as mine.

I’m not saying wealth and power will make them happier. Or less happy. Or anything but different.

I’m just saying I don’t get them. Delightful young people who deserve every happiness. And I don’t get ’em.

That, and I am with Dan Rather. He writes eloquently about how there are many more important things to focus on.

No offense.

[P.S. I think I’ll go mad if one more media dolt calls her a Princess. She’s now Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Offspring are princes and princesses. In-laws, delightful or not, are not.]