Public Service Announcement

There are four ligaments in your knee.

They are all quite important.

At least one will abandon you somewhere around 40.


[Shhhhh…Don’t tell them I said anything. They get unpredictably mad at irrational things and totally…OW.]

[Damn. Someone must have told my already irritated ligaments. My blog has a mole. A knee mole.]

[That should totally be a thing. A knee mole. Not a mole on your knee but, like, the naked mole rat’s distant cousin, the knee mole…]

[I think I’ve undermined the newsworthiness of the information of my post on the importance of knee ligaments with this exciting discovery of the world’s first knee mole.]

[Maybe. Unless there’s a whole bevy of them and once outed they’re going to take over the world.]

[Holy guacamole, people. I hope you have emergency supplies. This is about to get ugly. Sorry to have unleashed this knee mole apocalypse on you. Forget what I said about the importance of your knees. Totally moot point now that we’ll be at the mercy of knee moles.]