Faster than a speeding bullet

Life is blazing past me, in a whirlwind of joy and frustration, dancing, singing, and really cool work. 

And the flowers Butter chose for Mother’s Day are still gorgeous. 


Like, breathtakingly gorgeous. 

So I pause. And soak it in. And continue scurrying just as fast as I can. 

As we do. 

19 thoughts on “Faster than a speeding bullet

    • He picked them out himself. One by one. He made the florist laugh so hard every time he made a face at the gorgeous blooms she offered. Hydrangea?
      No way!
      Tiger lily?
      Are you crazy?!
      He has many, many strong opinions, this one.

  1. Nap time writing is literally the meaning of my existence. I have four children who seek out every minute of my existence, which is a compliment not a complaint, to leave me desperately writing when I find time. I have a series being published “The Rise of the Relique” and it took me four years to write! Every second counts but it’s wonderful to see someone else enjoying it too! I enjoy your blog :)

  2. Gorgeous flowers. and a good reminder. Mine are still blooming also and I have taken a few stems out of the vase on the kitchen table and put a bud vase over the sink. Cheerful yellow blooms help me get those dishes done!

    • So smart to distribute them throughout the house. I asked him if they should be on the table, and he was VERY clear that they belong in my room. My room. I love saying that. I have a room of my own.

  3. The flowers are beautiful! And your scurrying, with all that is included, so recognizable, even as kids grow, head off, come back…

    My college kid returned just before Mother’s Day, with a hand-made gift for me, related to an architectural project in one of his courses. Amazing how these gifts of the hand and heart remain so precious.

    • So sweet.

      One year I asked that their dad help them write what they love about me on river rocks. I’ve collected those thoughts over the years. I love the permanence of that gesture.

  4. I know what that’s like! Life is blazing past me too and there’s just so much I want to do. I try to cram it all in, which leads to a rather hectic lifestyle! I just wrote a blog post about it called How Not To Live Your Life – please take a look at :)

  5. Those flowers are beautiful. I love vibrant flowers.
    Hello, by the way. I am new to all this blogging thing :)

  6. I find it my duty to pause and appreciate. A gift, really to do so. It’s wonderful to soak in moments. If only to capture it for another time when it’s no longer around.

  7. Pretty flowers and why not pause to soak these moments in ! We scurry too much sometimes

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