Ah, to be almost five

“Mommy, I have the best story ever. Wanna hear it?
You and Daddy and me and Peanut were at the playground. And I had a yellow juice in my tummy that I could spray all over. And make people die. And then we collected the bones to use for pretend fighting.”
—-Butterbean, age four years and eleven months

12 thoughts on “Ah, to be almost five

  1. HAHA! That’s great! The things kids say! I just happened upon your blog and this was so amusing that I’m going to follow you. :D

  2. PS: I just recently changed my blog name, and I almost named it No Time For Nap Time. HAHA! :) What a coincidence. Cute name.

    • Every four year old on the planet is terrifying.
      Two is challenging, Three is nigh-on deadly, and Four is freaky.
      Things do get better right around Five. For a while.

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