10 New Year’s Resolutions

My list this year isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, but it’s the day before and I have to call an end to self improvement at some point.

1. Sing loudly at the grocery store, especially when people get too close.
2. Show up to at least one client kickoff meeting in full clown regalia.
3. Send the kids to school with a lunchbox full of popcorn at least once a month.
4. Run, full speed, everywhere in the house.
5. Walk, excruciatingly slowly, when we’re a block from school.
6. Serve guests wine in coffee mugs. Serve kids soup on plates.
8. Speak in meetings only in pig latin.
9. Refuse to finish lists.




12 thoughts on “10 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. This may incite rage in you, but . . . I drink wine out of coffee mugs.

    Mostly because they’re way more stable around crazed children and easier to grab with the handle and all. In fact, I don’t see why true wine lovers don’t use them, because the handle also keeps the hands off the cup, thereby keeping wine at the proper temperature.

    Or something. I’m not a true wine lover, obviously.

    • I fully support the drinking of wine from all manner of receptacles. As long as you’re not drinking wine from a broken bottle or a trash can, I support you.
      I just resolve to serve it that way to show my guests I’m all about practicality. The opposite for the soup. I want to show children I really don’t care about their ability to ingest the soup they are being given.
      Because it’s 2015. Random roadblocks for everyone!

      Happy New Year, darling. Hope it’s warm and silly!

    • I could resolve, out loud, to sleep more and be more productive. But I don’t see how that will happen. Because it’s not what I actually want.

      Singing in public, on the other hand, I do want. I like to see who’s entertained and who shies away. If I don’t get big enough responses I’ll add air guitar.

  2. The running everywhere inside your house is GENIUS! My boys have lost their ability to walk and simply RUN everywhere, and it looks so incredibly FUN. And it would help me with my hopes of being healthier in the new year…

  3. I love this! Particularly 1. & 3. Looking forward to reading the rest of your post – when children finally go to bed!

  4. Hehehe I love this (unfinished) think I will be trying the “singing loudly in the shop especially when people get to close ” one, that is one of my bug bears of going down an empty isle in the shop and when you get to the product you want a hoard of people suddenly want what you want and before you know it you have some one trying to reach over your shoulder to get what your looking at.

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