Let’s fight at the beach!

Historically, the cure to sibling bickering and older kid nastiness on our family has been wide open spaces. Not the song…the real thing. Hiking or beach time soothes them into a partnership.



Today, however, older screamed at younger at home, then at the beach. Older screamed at me at home, then at the beach. After leaving the beach, older sobbed that I had ruined everything by convincing him to share the driftwood they both found together and both built with together and both wanted to use on a new project. I ruined his life because I encouraged him to let his brother build a solo project when he, the older, wouldn’t let the little guy join in.

Building together is fine, but then he when he wants space the rest of us must all cease life functions until he’s ready to tolerate us again.

I think that’s the message. I might be wrong. If I am, I’ll get yelled at, I’m sure.

What in the holy hell?


I guess let’s just all be full of testosterone and anger and disrespect for the world perpetually thwarting us, shall we?

Goodness. I’m not equipped for this 8-year-old teenager.

7 thoughts on “Let’s fight at the beach!

  1. The eight year old I nanny is turning into a teenager too, and I’m a bit at a loss for how to deal with it! His mum gets the brunt of the attitude, although I’m starting to see a few grumpy tendencies (I guess I’ve become part of the furniture at this point). You are not alone, although that doesn’t help even slightly.

    • Sigh.

      I’ve posted about my confusion on 8yo mood disorder, and it seems none of us are alone in this.

      Doesn’t make it fun. But it actually does help.

      Good luck with your ward.

  2. Outside is also the key to brotherly love here. Usually. Unless the younger one wants to do something the older, bossier one doesn’t want to do and refuses to follow orders. Then it’s the same free-for-all of screaming and fits that we deal with inside.

    I don’t even have an eight-year-old yet. But I am adding another boy to the mix! Bet that’ll make everything balance out nicely.

    Oh good God. This is going to be ugly in a few years . . .

    • Oh, it’ll be great. From what I’ve witnessed in other families, three boys is the key to perfect bliss and joy. Another changes the dynamics and everyone gets on famously all the time.
      I should go get a third one myself.


  3. We’re living the same life on different coasts. I’m convinced of it. My 8-almost-9 is in the same realm of persistent sociopathy and hormonal angst. It’s…hard (for lack of a better word).

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    lol made me laugh at the thought of sibling fighting. Older brother screaming . actually sometimes it reminds me of myself. Childhood is a precious time where kids are just kids, never mind how hard it is.

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