4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Lunch Note

  1. Fabulous! Reminded me of the time my son’s school asked me to create an earthquake kit, complete with note to reassure my child in the event of disaster. Such an important thing to do, but so difficult–there are so many ways to say ‘I love you’ to our kids, but sometimes none of them feel like “enough.”

    • Oh, my earthquake note kills me every time.
      Last year I wrote this guy jokes for his lunch. This year I’m trying to keep on top of the questions he asks with documented answers. Google at night, read at lunch.

  2. Can I have that in my lunch bag, pleeze?

    There are 10^9 cells in the human brain.
    There are about 6 x 10^9 cells in the human heart.
    There are 3.72 X 10^13 cells in the human body.
    All my glitter covered cells love you Nappers.

    • I’m totally saving this for when he knows exponents.
      Tomorrow’s note is about the tallest ever man and woman. And tallest living man and woman. There is no current ranking tallest woman, you know. Last one died two years ago. Time to start measuring, yo!

      Also, six times as many cells in the heart as in the brain? Cool.

      Glitter cells are the best.

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