Public Service Announcement

It’s time for a boring and important post.


Would you please make sure you have an emergency bag packed and easily accessible by your front door? Backup glasses, credit card, cash, copies of important documents including prescriptions, thumb drive with your most treasured photos. Please. Now.

Would you please make sure that you have emergency supplies ready in your car? Water, snacks, flares, reflective blankets, signal mirror, matches, first aid including ice packs, bandages, and scissors. Please. Now.

Would you please make sure your legal documents are in order? Power of attorney, will, directives for what happens to your children in case of your sudden incapacitation or death. Copies of passwords, important phone numbers, list of companies to call so your executor has an easier time?

Would you please make sure you’ve signed up for your city’s emergency notification system? They’ll text you in an emergency, and you can forward to your distant relatives so if phones get overwhelmed in an emergency your family can let people know you’re okay.

Would you please make sure you tell your children and friends and family every day something you love about them? Some reason your life is better because they’re in it?

Emergency bag. Car emergency kit. Legal paperwork. Emergency notification. Love.

Do it.

10 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

    • Nope. I’m wading through memories as I triple check all our emergency supplies (I do this often…call it PTSD if you’d like) and I realize how few people know how quickly it can all slip away.

  1. HAHAHAHA… you mindreader you. Now that I am officially a homeowner, I made a box on Sunday to stock up on emergency supplies. The Snowmageddon last week emptied the store shelves of everything… I made a mental list of things I might have needed if the power went out or pipes froze. Roger that, WILCO!

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