What does your mom do for a living?

My three-year-old is sitting on my lap, typing into a blank Word doc. He pauses every now and then, puts his head in his hands and sighs, “damnit,” then deletes everything he’s typed.

I’m totally winning at this.

As soon as he puts his hands over his eyes, sighs, “dagnabbit,” and then goes to get a snack, my parenting is complete.



6 thoughts on “What does your mom do for a living?

    • See? Until draft number ten, we all grimace and swear and sigh at the screen.

      He asked me today if there’s really paper in the computer. I explained software and user interfaces, but I miss typewritiers.

  1. My mother was a school teacher. It explains my love affair with a red pen.

    Sounds like a Butter Blog will be hitting the airwaves soon?

    • Ah, how I love a red pen.

      Butter Blog is live but censored by WordPress as Not Safe For Humans because he offers tips on chasing kittens, throwing food, and assaulting his friends over toy disputes.

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