Remedy for a long day

At the end of a long day, during which I went without stopping from 5am-10pm, thirteen hours of which involved preschoolers (plural) and four hours involved careful negotiations with people whom I’m convinced get twice as much sleep as me, I called Spouse.

Me: The meeting’s  finally over and I’ll be home soon so will you please fill the kettle and turn it on? Fill it just to the spout line inside, and make sure the whistle is on or it’ll boil dry. I just want some tea before bed because my throat is sore from talking all day and my body is achy from chasing 30 preschoolers and my brain is achy from budget talks and early morning writing and I just want some tea. Okay?

Spouse: Who is this?

And between the full-belly laugh and the hot cup of tea waiting for me when I got home, I made it through another day I swore might kill me.


4 thoughts on “Remedy for a long day

    • Hey! I’ve missed you! Laughter, long runs, and adorable kids how I get through. And honestly, this huge wave of work that is crashing over me right now is making me feel very competent, and I thrive when I feel good about what I do.

  1. Ha. I genuinely hope rockstars get to sleep in most mornings. What do rockstars with kids do? Ask their partners to get up with the kids? Hire a nanny? Do rockstars really stay up that late every single night? Or do they perform once a week and we make it sound like a big deal? Are we giving rockstars too much credit?

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