Wordless Wednesday

Do people still do Wordless Wednesday? Or do they write a two sentence preamble and then post a photo claiming it’s Wordless Wednesday, though clearly it is just Slightly-Less-Wordy Wednesday?


As long as I’m already ruining the whole Wordless thing, can we get a vote about whether the above depicts conspiring or plotting?

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Cubby has that very same explorer helmet. Although you probably bothered to put batteries in it so the light works, whereas I, uh, haven’t.

    I’m sure your sweet children are only remarking to each other on the beauty of nature and how much they adore their amazing mother.

  2. I nearly always include a sentence or two to give context for the photo on Wordless Wednesday. Mostly because every single WW site I visit does the same. I just assumed that was the protocol. Mostly Wordless Wednesday is how I think of it.

    Put me down for conspiring. Plotting requires pen and paper and a crudely drawn map. The person I feel sorry for in all of this is that poor gardener. I have a feeling she’s going to find out what’s in that bucket right quick.

    • LOL. That poor gardener, indeed. Composting without a care in the world. For now. [cue foreboding music]

      I used to use WW as an excuse to get out of posting, to be honest. Photo, no words, done. But my WW posts are rare because it’s simply too hard to be wordless. ;-)

      • WW are my favorite days of the week. I love being able to keep it simple on my own blog, while still feeling like I’m participating in the larger blogging community. Instead of spending time composing a long post, I use the time I save on Wednesdays to hop around and read what other people are up to. I’ve found so many great bloggers this way.

  3. Jack Hanna and Neil Armstrong are conspiring behind your back on how they are gonna catch a sharknado with that bucket. They might need that baseball bat in the grass too. This is gonna get messy. Best you go on in the house.

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