Minimally processed experiment

Oh, heaven help me, I’m trying to eat healthfully for a month.

Actually, for a few hours I said I was going to eat nothing processed.

But I realized that someone cut the mint leaves and put them in a bag for me to make tea. And someone toasted the coconut and someone sprouted the pumpkin seeds and put tamari on them. All that is processing. I’m not going raw and I’m not doing too much work myself. So minimal processing of whole grains and legumes. Raw or sprouted nuts and seeds. No sugar, no corn, no wheat. Because I don’t like the way I feel lately. Runs are like slogs, and afterwards I stuff myself with bread and sugar. My posture is terrible, so I feel tired, which makes my posture worse. I keep myself up late with candy instead of just going to bed. As a result, my body acts as though it belongs to a long-lost neighbor who it increasingly suspects is not coming back. I don’t like feeling like a renter in my body. I like to own it.

And I feel that the mortgage is paid and I owner occupy when I make healthy choices for food and exercise.

So I finally gave myself a talking to and started this eating plan. Last night.

After two hours I wanted cocoa. Desperately. So Melissa Camara Wilkins tweeted me a recipe for cacao, date, coconut-milk cocoa. I have none of that right now, but will. I still want cocoa, but I know Melissa’s recipe will get me through. I kept on going.

After twelve hours I was mad. I wanted granola and candy and crackers and toast with jam and cocoa. I had mint tea and went running. After the run I chased some chia seeds with more mint tea. I had a handful of tamari pumpkin seeds and a small bowl of locally made granola (yes, sugar but give me a break. I’m new to this). I didn’t think about sugar or bread or cocoa for hours. And I had a handful of stupid ol’ peanuts. And I kept on going.

By then I was really, really grouchy. Not hungry. Grouchy.

Dinner was a stupid Napa cabbage salad with stupid lentils and stupid beets and a stupid french vinaigrette. And a handful of stupid toasted coconut.

I WANT COCOA. Cocoa is warm and sweet and promises good things for the morn. Cocoa is love food.

Stupid vegetables and stupid lentils are stupid growing food. It’s the stupid stuff I make my kids eat while I sneak delicious, wonderful candy in the kitchen.

Stupid October. Stupid not-yet Thanksgiving. Stupid plans to feel better about myself.

This cacao Melissa told me about had better be all that. I’m getting some raw cacao nibs tomorrow. They had better make a good cocoa. They had better blow my mind. And make me feel like Wonder Woman.

Otherwise everyone near me will hear five weeks of grousing about stupid nuts and seeds and veggies and fruit for a stupid chance to feel better and stronger and healthier. So much stupidity.

[If previous experience going off sugar is any guide, I’m going to be mean as hell for two weeks. Minimum. My poor family.]

9 thoughts on “Minimally processed experiment

    • Fish is perfectly healthy. I wish I could eat things with a face because then I would ditch these stupid veggies and the stupid seeds and have fish and cocoa and a steak. Alas, even if I fall off the wagon, I’ll only have cocoa.

      Mmmmmm. Cocoa.


      Sorry you had to take the brunt of that. I’m heating Melissa’s HealthyCocoa right now and I have low, low expectations. So I’m weeping and swearing and gnashing my teeth.

      Stupid sugar. Stupid health food. Everything’s stupid. The word stupid is really stupid.

  1. Oh, I know that particular kind of cranky well! ;) I just read that it takes about three weeks for your tastebuds to adjust to a new way of eating (no sugar, whole grain, no flavor, whatever) before you can start to appreciate the diet you’ve switched to. No idea if that’s really really true, but it’s about right for me. (Though if I could tolerate plain old cookies, I would be scarfing them this very minute, never mind the adjusted tastebuds.)

    • My sense of taste adjusts pretty well, and when I licked jam off my finger today it was painfully sweet. I honestly didn’t like it.

      But dang my body wants it.

      Dang dang dang dang dang.

    • The glories of Berkeley include readily availability of any freaking foodstuff you can think of. Cacao nibs are cheaper here than powder. So I go that way.

      I will live tweet the making and drinking of your cocoa later. You’re so sweet to be my sponsor today. Makes it feel doable. Even though it’s really stupid.

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