I know it’s wrong to enjoy sick kids’ sweet snuggling fevers. I know it’s wrong to hope, once in a while, that the whirling tornadoes in the house get the flu just so they’ll stop running for a few minutes.

And it’s beyond despicable to enjoy a child’s broken limb.

But dang, the peace that has swirled through our house since Peanut broke his arm is significantly changing my life. I feel hope and vigor and joy, y’all. I feel this might actually be why people make it through the day and still like their children.

See, a wounded child in pain avoids things that cause him pain. He might, for instance, avoid a younger brother and talk sweetly to him to ensure that roughness is kept at bay. He might stay nestled in bed to play with LEGOs already built instead of screaming in rage that things won’t work or running like a cheetah through the house from project to project. He might even, perhaps, ask to be read to, and put a head on the shoulder he’s so long said he is too old for.

I would never want my child hurt. I’m sad for him that he’s hobbled. But the silver lining is about 90% of the cloud for me, and I’m really enjoying the seachange that has come from this week.

I praise thee, bringer of peace and breathing room

I praise thee, bringer of peace and breathing room

15 thoughts on “Respite

  1. I remember this when Z broke his leg. It was really a horrible ordeal (as you know) but there was something calming about being forced to “sit and be” We could play like girls play – games, puzzles, dolls, hair brushing. Boys are insane. We don’t want them broken. Of course we dont want them broken. Ever. But, seriously….slow the f@#k down. Crazy testosterone filled hooligans! ;)

    Remind me to come back to this post when Isabelle is 12 or 13

  2. He’s rocking the green cast! I felt so sorry for Mira when she broke her arm in the summer–it gets itchy in there! Glad it’s been a calming force, though!

    • Itching I anticipate will be dreadful. But three weeks in a cool summer climate could be worse. We’ll still have two months of swimming and climbing before our real summer weather hits in September.

  3. I think you are so honest, and I love it! My Mom just broke both her legs falling and its the most I have E.v.E.r. seen her sit still! Plus my little has caught some kind of a bug…so I can understand that when calm hits, it hits….take advantage….hopefully he will slow down, by the way the neon green cast is awesome! Hugs!

    • Both legs?! Aaaaack! And it’s only seven year olds who get a four week prognosis. Is she immobile for two months? Gads. Makes one happy for health, and the relative health of loved ones.

      Tell her to hang in there. And enjoy the sitting still while she allows you. ;-)

      • Yes, both :( She gets another new cast tomorrow, so hopefully she will sit still for awhile. lol!! Thanks, hugs!

    • I am; I am. Except the peace is dwindling as he shakes the sense of vulnerability. So I’m cherishing the week of harmony gone by. Harbinger of potential peace.

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