Here you go.

A collection of links to entertain you, your cats, and your children.

The coolest: The world’s smallest stop-motion film. Playing games with atoms. Super duper cool.
IBM’s atomic stop-motion short.

The goofiest: Cluck performing Some Nights. Hilarious. And really hard to get out of your head.
Poehler, Fallon, and Buble clucking.

The cheesiest: A quiz. About cheese. Bets are that Cathy and Jen won’t be able to resist this one.
Cheese Quiz from Jonathan Gold (90%, if you’re keeping score, which I always do. No fair having an unrelated sports question in there.)

The duckiest: In *my* day, Boston’s improv scene was all about Vassar St. rehearsals. But it seems kids these days fight about brands and who named what.
Boston improv smackdown.

And my favorite YouTube clip of the whole year.

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