Someone said, in an interview or an article or on an NPR game show or something like that, that you should procrastinate doing important things by doing other important things.

What the?

No more procrastinating with useless things I should never do?

Actual productivity while procrastinating?

If this is a thing—a realio, trulio thing—then what the heck is the Internet for?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go complete several tasks from the top of my list to avoid doing…the other bits on the top of my list.


8 thoughts on “Procrastinate

    • Ha!

      It’s true. I’ve read all I can of bombings and international war and toxic food supply and world water shortages. So I have to avoid some work by doing some work.

      Oh, bother.

  1. the crazy thing is it actually works for me! if i tell myself i’m only doing Y to avoid X when i reeeeeally want to avoid X, i generally get Y done. the old bait and switch. i’m such a sucker for it.

    • Seriously! Stand up for watching old movies and eating gum drops! For skipping everything on your list for the Interwebs!

      Stand up for what’s right! Do useless and lame things that will feel like relaxing!

      For heaven’s sake.

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