Internet goddesses

Does your god answer your prayers? Do your children do what you ask? Do you feel heard at all?

This morning I explored my new zen happy place: I played with one of the boys’ remote control robots. Because…get this…it does whatever I tell it to do. I push the forward button and it goes forward. I push the backward button and…I swear…it goes backwards.

I love the thing. I fawn all over it. It listens.

And then something even more miraculous happened.

First, I asked. All I wanted was some Easter candy.

Then, an answer. From the goddesses of the blogosphere.


Not one, but two bloggers sent me bags of black jelly beans. Big, hefty bags full of jelly beans.

Seriously? I asked for something outlandishly weird and people took the time find, organize, and mail? I can’t even get my kids to put on their shoes when I ask nicely.

That, right there, is why people use social media.

Finally. Someone listens.

(Seriously, if nobody hears you today, get yourself a remote control robot and a Twitter account.)

10 thoughts on “Internet goddesses

  1. Hi. :) You made my day today. Twice. First with your comment on my blog. And now with your latest post brightening up my email inbox. One of these days, we are going to actually meet in person. You can bring your son’s robot if you want, but it probably won’t be necessary. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. :)

  2. And YES out loud. When my nephew passed away, I was comforted with emails, letters, cards, texts, calls, love on twitter, my blog, and FB. This helps. THIS HELPS A LOT. People, we can start a revolution of loving one another because it does change the energy in the world. xo


    SOMEONE *points to the west* TOTALLY ATE SOME! THAT BAG WAS FULL I TELL YOU, FULL before shipment! I have PICTURE PROOF!

    Unicorn, who prefers the other 26 flavors that are not pink/red/black in the bag.

    • Totally, totally, totally ate some. The second they arrived, an hour later, the next day, later that day, the day after…

      Little drops of joy and Internet goodness, they are. Like glitter stickers for my belly.

    • Not wrong at all.
      I can never decide if I like Panda black licorice better than black jelly beans, but the bean coating (at least from Jelly Belly) keeps fingers from getting sticky. Always a confectionery bonus.

  4. The only flavor I will eat is licorice. All others are repulsive to me! We need to get together soooon!!! How is DH’s knee btw? I think I totally dropped the ball on that one…it’s been one of those months…

    • We should take the kids to the Jelly Belly factory this summer and buy all the licorice beans.

      I’ll be your wingman.

      I think we’re all having that month, by the way. Or year. Or decade…

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