24 thoughts on “In the beginning…

  1. I dream really great posts and then by morning…they are too vague to recall. I used to write a key word to help me remember but it wasn’t the same as the magnificent one in my head. ;)

    • If I could just remember to put the pen and paper or phone with voice recorder next to where I am when…hey, where’s my paper? Hey, why did I walk in this room? Hey, what was I going to do? Oh, yeah. Make a list for the store.

      And thus I have notebooks full of grocery lists instead of brilliance.

      Ah, well.

    • I even do that…my phone takes text and voice dictation and files them away in tidy little lists.

      How many delightful little snippets of information have made it in there this month? Three.

      Oy with my memory.

    • Right?

      I wish I could just use that technique for all the things I must do this week.
      [Insert witty comment] for a paper I’m editing
      [Insert witty and appropriate text] for a doc I’m writing
      [Insert sleep here] for the week without any

      See how witty you actually are?!

    • I never thought to say it out loud before, since I do it so often. But I give up. This post is me throwing my hands up in the air and owning my complete williams-sonoma-chinois-caliber brain. Okay, target-collander. Still, though.


  2. Isn’t that how it goes? With kids still at home, I can’t write all the posts when I think of them, and I stink at writing things down….uh, not posts. I mean, just ideas and important stuff that I need to do. Ah, you know what I mean….

    • I know for a fact that they were, because I thought of them, and actually went past the “should I bother writing this? Is it lame? No? Awesome…let’s roll” phase with each.

      I think, though I can’t really remember, that at least two of them had titles, which means they were pretty far along.

      Maybe they’ll come back? None ever have, but here’s hoping…

  3. No worries. I’m right there with you. I went COO-COO for COCO PUFFZ this week. Good thing it’s over. I’m outta millk.

    • Seriously, I can’t complete a sentence. A few times I’ve stopped halfway through a…thingie…and Peanut has to supply the words for me.

      Littlest actually just says “a thingie-ingie” when he can’t think of a word. I usually agree because sure, why not?

      You can always do that thing with the shelf-stable stuff in case you go HONEY NUTZ next week…

  4. Best post ever written in my head right before I fell asleep last night. I thought, “Is this worth getting out of bed for?” and I thought, “no.”
    What does that say about my motivation?

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