Rollercoaster 2013

You know the stuff you can’t post on your blog about people’s marriages falling apart or friends getting scary diagnoses or loved ones who are desperately lonely?

I have a pretty hard time the weeks when I have a lot to write but can’t, because the stories that flood my heart are not mine to tell.

So I’ll offer you this: my wonderful grandma turns 97 this week. My dear grandmother-in-law turns 91.

There’s a lot of unpleasant stuff going on in our lives, but it seems to me when my kids can hug their greatgrandmas and draw them happy birthday cards, life seems a hell of a lot more bearable.

Hope something genuinely lovely tempers the not-so-nice in your lives this week. If not, make yourself some hot cocoa. You really can’t go wrong with cocoa.


And if you happen to be turning 97 this week, whether you’re the one whom I love so intensely or you’re one I don’t know, have a happy, happy birthday!

Oh, it’s your 91st? Why, you have a super special week, too, okay?


18 thoughts on “Rollercoaster 2013

    • Every picture of a grandparent or greatgrandparent hugging my children is my absolute favorite of all time. Close second are of grandparents and greatgrandparents reading to my children.

  1. Oh, that picture makes me want to cry. My kids great-grandmas are across the country, and there’s never been a moment like that. Oh, family is so amazing when it’s possible.
    All blessings with the struggles. Peace, strength, and wisdom while wading through it.

  2. I lost my great great aunt today. She was 92. So thankful I got to spend xmas with her, for the first times in decades. Cherish your times together and hope the kiddos gets lots more hugs, the times go quick.

    • Oh, unicorn, I hope that having those recent memories help your mourning. So sorry for your loss.

      There’s something about 90 that makes us *know* we have to count every day.

  3. You can’t go wrong with cocoa – I have a cup a day, at least, and I have survived four kids and all their feuds (so far)! Seriously, though, Happy Birthday to your grandmas!

    • Mmmmmm. Cocoa.

      My addiction to cocoa is getting dangerous. For the emotion-storage located around my hips and middle. ;-)

      Thanks for the birthday wishes…they had great days!

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