You owe them

Stolen wholesale from an email sent to me by a brilliant woman:

“Recall Abigail Adams who gently reminded her husband, John, to ‘remember the ladies,’ as the founders crafted the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Women in Wyoming, the first state or territory to enfranchise women, won the vote in 1869. One hundred years ago today, women in Oregon secured the vote, and nationwide, suffrage did not occur until 1920.

For almost 240 years, women before you labored to give you this sacred franchise.

Stating that I don’t care how you vote is false; I do. But more importantly I care that you participate in this democracy as your foremothers did. These noble patriots’ sacrifices are innumerable.
Honor their steadfast commitment to the future, equality, and faith in you and your judgement. Vote.”

May your vote not be suppressed. May the lines be short and the volunteers knowledgeable. May your employer or children be patient.


12 thoughts on “You owe them

  1. A-(wo)men.

    I voted early and by mail. The upside was that I got to Google all of the local candidates whom I didn’t know so I felt like I made more informed decisions. The downside was that I didn’t get to take my kids to the polls today. I always loved that as a kid and my kids have loved it too.

    But, hey, I live in Ohio and I have a feeling I voted for the guy you wanted me to, so that’s something. ;)

    • After I took my kids to the polls I realized that it’s not an option for a lot of people. Seven hour lines? That doesn’t work with kids. Heck, 10 minute lines don’t work with kids.

      I’m glad you voted. Even if you voted entirely against me, it’s your right and duty to vote what you feel.

      That said, I’m really, really, really happy today. ;-)

  2. Amen, sister! I was so happy that my polling place was an easy in-out this year. Last time I went the lines were super long. It’s such a good feeling though, to see all those neighbors lined up to take part in the democratic process. (And of course, I’m beyond thrilled with Obama being elected again. Woohoo!)

    • I was so grateful for no line. I applaud the people who stayed in line in cold to speak their minds.

      Limiting poll access with hoops to jump through and maniacal attempts to stifle people’s voices does not lead to a withering electorate. It makes people mad. And angry people stay in line a long, long, long time.

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