14 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

    • Outside the stress of the day and the” hurry to be here” and the “quick we need to do this” and the “please tell him how you feel instead of calling him names” is the mud puddle and the hose and the dump truck.

      It’s one of the rare times I just sit and watch. Mmmm. Better than a real rose petal bath.

  1. My soon-to-be five-year-old also has gorgeous curls like your little one. I am trying to teach her to treasure them as a blessing; she wants straight hair like her sister and mama.

    And how sweet to give a rough dump truck a rose petal bath!

    • My grandmother once said that we all spend our lives wanting what we don’t have, and that if those with curls and those without could just love what they have, we could cure cancer and wars.

      Bring almost five to the salon and have a stylist how much people with no curls pay to have curls.

  2. Mud exfoliation, flower petal relaxation bath… can I keep the spa towel and fuzzy slippers? and I’d like to make an appointment for next week, any morning. My hooves need special attention.

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