6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Even before I saw outlawmama’s commment I was going to comment on the adorableness of the hats, and ask how you get them to wear them. Neither of mine will. Not even in the sun.

    • Same way with both: as soon as they could walk, took them outside. Apply hat. If they took it off, brought them inside. When upset, explain, “Outside yes? Hat yes.” Repeat process a few times. They never take it off again.

  2. It’s so sweet to see Butter in the footsteps of Peanut. I know Peanut hates the shadow now, but someday he’ll look back on these pictures and see his best bud right there with him, just a few steps behind, but soon right next to him.

    Love the hats. I’m a hat wearer myself. I had to poke a hole in the top to let my horn through :)

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