Shut the cluck up

Poor, dear Emily over at Motherfog is in the middle of a sh*t tornado. Go leave a bottle of cyber-wine or a bouquet of cyber-flowers to make her feel good, please.

And now we begin our regularly schedule rant.
People close to the Penn State football program are actually bemoaning the pain caused to the innocent people by sanctions of a program that…wait for it… institutionalized pain caused to innocent people. Shut up about your money, your scholarship, and your football inconveniences. Your privileged life will continue, with only the logistics altered. Sandusky’s victims are Penn State’s victims, and they faced trauma the likes of which a small blip of inconvenience do not compare. You want to know what hurting innocent people really looks like? Talk to the victims. Selfish jackasses.


The US Congress is narrowing in on approving a Farm Bill that takes $16 billion away from a program that feeds hungry families, and gives $36 billion to giant agribusinesses. That’s what small government means, I guess: decreasing what U.S. taxpayers spend on people and increasing what we all pay to companies.

Congress is rushing, pretending that passing the bill affects crop insurance for this year’s drought, which it doesn’t. It also includes language that would bar states from enacting their own laws, as California has in banning grotesque chicken farming practices. States rights, apparently, are paramount only when legislators and big business want them to.


Sally Ride was a hero for all Americans, but especially of science geek girls (like me) everywhere. She taught us we really can do anything and go anywhere. But her partner of 27 years is not eligible for any of Ms. Ride’s federal benefits because lesbian heroes aren’t, according to our government, equal citizens under the law.


The further we get into this election cycle, the more mad I’m getting at the gross ineptitude of our government to treat us with decency, humanity, and honesty. They’re lying to us, their big corporate donors are lying to us, and they’re not doing their jobs, choosing instead to perform political theater for the rest of this year.

Oh HAY-il no.  No.

8 thoughts on “Shut the cluck up

  1. Oh man, I didn’t know that about Sally Ride’s partner. Now I am really pissed. At first I thought you wrote “lesbians aren’t heroes in our country,” which might also be true because of long-standing stigma and homophobia. It’s tragic and so bad for society. Anyway, I love this post. A good rant from a smart mama is like a nice glass of lemonade– just the right amount of bitterness sets me on my feet. And I can’t even start about the elections. Makes me sick and want to look into canadian residency.

  2. All of it is unreal, isn’t it? Makes my head spin. though I could never voice my opinions on these topics as eloquently as yourself. Really because I get my news from the mouth of John Stewart on the Daily Show after two glasses of wine and I do not feel that gives me enough ammunition for a winning,intelligent argument and I take issue with looking ignorant. But, I still believe in my positions on these matters and I do love me some John Stewart. Lately I have chosen the cowardly approach of burying my head in the sand. I know. Such a difference I am making with said approach. Really, no need to thank me.

    As for that Motherfog Chick…she needs to get a grip. What the hell? I will send her wine. In fact, I know where she lives, I’ll bring her a case. I hear she is a budding alcoholic.

    (thanks, naptime, for making me smile today)

    • now, you be coming to that motherfog chick. She only needs to get a grip so she doesn’t fall off the planet that seems to have accelerated to breakneck speed only in her house.

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