24 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. Peanut is so BIG! And Butter is so toddler-y. Oh boy. I love these snippets of your life. Thanks you, you expert blogger, you.

    • Jen, you’re too kind. The egregious typo as first published is still worth those images of my days. The camera reminds me of the truth, not the difficult or the loud. ;-)

  2. Oh, I love these pictures. That one of the earthworms … have rarely seen a better capturing of what todderhood is all about. Lovely, lovely. xox

    • Thanks, letmead! I kept trying to get him to show them off, bit he couldn’t open his hand without dancing around and reorganizing them…hencey hand on the right, briefly holding his hand still. ;-)

    • Melissa, you know the part that just kills me? They were a complete surprise. My husband shaves his head so I never made a connection that his whole family has curls. (I don’t look at people’s parts; I look *at* them, you know? I don’t know who’s fat or thin or blue-eyed; I know who says what and how they feel.)

      So I melt every time they dry off after bath and run screeching through the house with baby ringlets sproinging all over their heads. Just melt.

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