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Peanut and Butter each have a toothbrush that plays a minute-long song so they can brush their innocent young enamel and gumlines for the right amount of time.

Because the manufacturer is focused on non-toxic materials and earth-friendly practices, the brushes’ rap talks about turning off the water while you brush and other such lovely green messages.

It also, at one point, says “grab your parents; grab your mom, grab your dad.” I’ve always thought about the families this might alienate, for some have only one of those, some are grandparented, some are two-mom parented or two-dad parented.

Either way, I had no idea the kids were really listening until I watched Peanut brush.

As the song said “Grab your parents” he clutched the seat of his pajama bottoms as he brushed and danced.

Turns out he thought it said, “Grab your pants; grab your mom, grab your dad.”

And now that he knows it’s funny enough to make me shoot water out of my nose, he runs around the house singing, “grab your pants,” as he does so. With little Mini Me following and garbling the lyrics even worse than his big brother does.

It is side-stitchingly hilarious. And I need that at bedtime.

11 thoughts on “Mental image

  1. Too cute. Seeing as how I am usually way past the end of my fuse by tooth-brushing time, I could really use a little of this. I might Amazon those toothbrushes tonight. Those or muzzles. (NOW ACCEPTING ALL MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARDS)

  2. Amazing. Picturing it clearly and chuckling myself. Also taking note to lengthen tooth brushing time. I’m often just proud that it happens at all. Time to step up!

    • Emily, the older one only recently tolerates the recommended two minutes. Recently, the younger one does, too, becauae we pull the “Let’s brush like a backhoe, let’s brush like a cement mixer” tricks.

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