Quick: do something!

I keep myself up into the wee hours of the night “because I haven’t *done* anything today.” Every day.

So tonight, in the interest of getting to bed at a decent hour, I offer the following:

I finished our taxes.

And finished my reading for the Gravity’s Rainbow group read at Infinite Zombies.

And finished tossing/donating/selling 200 things and am well on my way to the third 100. Yes, I counted each thing, including each diaper in a box of cloth diapers going to a friend. So what? I can walk through the garage now.

I got started on a follow-up project for a client.

And cleaned and oiled the annoying butcher block countertops our landlord holds so dear.

And have maybe actually found a regular babysitter after three years five months of intense searching.

And paid the bills.

And stocked the fridge with fruits and veggies to get serious about my resolution to treat my body better.

And ran four miles.

And finally started doing yoga again.

That leaves 1,746 things to do tomorrow. Better stay up late to get at least those pesky six done so I start with a round number in the morning…

8 thoughts on “Quick: do something!

  1. Fae, the sink wad full of dishes, lunches weren’t made, the bathrooms needed cleaning, the bath toys needed a run in the dishwasher, and the non-perishable groceries are still in bags three days later. So, take my “I haven’t done anything” and believe me.

    Kitch…you gotta do what you gotta do. ;-)

  2. Wait, that is an incredible list! Applaud yourself INSTANTLY! (Kitch, too, because geez.)

    • No, ma’am. All behind schedule. And lackluster. Must do more and better. (I’m guessing someone’s on a collision course with burnout…)

  3. Ahhh, you remind me of me. I was once lamenting to my sister that I didn’t get anything done that day. And she said, “Well, what DID you do today?” As I started ticking things off my list she said, “See? You DID accomplish something today,” with smug satisfaction. And I said, “Maybe. But it wasn’t enough.”

    • Exactly. I don’t think 90% of what I do is doing.

      I don’t just make lists to cross things off. I make lists of the important stuff. And those bits never seem to get done.

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